Saas Case Study

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An interesting webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, February 11.

Topic: benefits of shifting IT Service Management to cloud computing.

Registration for this event is required – click here to read more about this event and register.

Forgot Password?

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Every now and then we get questions from customers about passwords.
Sometimes they forgot what it was for the local support site, sometimes because they locked themselves out of their own instance.
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GUI Design

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Creating an attractive GUI is not easy – what I thinks is attractive might be regarded as horrible by someone else., being a relatively young completely web-based application, allowed GUI changes from early on.
Navigation menu bar, buttons, banners, text colors – all of this can be changed to meet your (corporate) requirements.
Even CSS themes are supported.

No clue what this is all about?

Then you should definitely check out the following Wiki article:

CSS Themes

To take UI design to an even higher level is working on a CM (Content Management) plugin.

Now this plugin will provide unparalleled UI design! As a scoop – click on the picture below…. btw: I don’t know (yet) when this plugin will be available…..

CMS Screenshot

Winter 2009 Release Patch

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A patch has been released for the Winter 2009 release.

This patch fixes several reported issues and is applied on an as-needed basis.

To check which issues are fixed by this patch, check this Wiki page.

Deleted user records

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Ever ran into a situation where you accidently deleted too many or the wrong user records..??  ???

I did… 🙁

And I know of some customers who did…..
Now there is functionality to “undelete” deleted records (see this Wiki article), but for referenced records this most likely doesn’t have the effect you were looking (hoping?!) for.
Any historically created references to the restored record have disappeared and are not re-created.

Result: blank field values.

This goes for all referenced records btw and not only user records.
In most cases the only way to retrieve the deleted records and get back to the desired situation again is to have the backup restored.
Request a database restore a.s.a.p. in the SNC support system and hopefully nobody noticed your mistake.

Downside to this: you loose out on the work that got done after the backup was taken.

Ciao & stay alert!

Tabbed forms

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Have you seen the new tabbed forms functionality..??

Tab iconTabbed form

I think a welcome piece of functionality.
And the nice thing is that it is a user-related preference.
So each user can decide for him/herself if they’d like to see form sections and related lists in it’s original format or in tabs.
Toggling can be done in the upper right corner:

To enable tabs functionality you need to define a “System” User Preference (User Administration -> User Preferences) with name “tabbed.forms” and type “string“.

I found another setting that must be related to tabbed forms in “System Properties -> UI Properties: Tabs on all sections or related lists” and when toggling this one the complete form changes to a tabbed form format.
I had issues with this setting, not displaying the information of my chosen record on the first form…. record info on the other tabs gets displayed fine.

Not sure if this is future functionality or something else.

Anyone any ideas..??


List collector functionality

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List collector functionality is one of these handy and extremely usable SNC functionalities.
Used in many places in the product, allowing for configurable filtering, single- and multi selects using the slush-bucket approach.

Wouldn't it be great if list collectors would also offer you the following functionalities:

  1. ability to use reference fields to show/use fields from related tables
  2. some kind of Next button functionality to show the next x-records

This would allow for even more great list collector functionality!

Wondering if you SNC guru's out there can agree to or want to add to this….