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Have you seen the new tabbed forms functionality..??

Tab iconTabbed form

I think a welcome piece of functionality.
And the nice thing is that it is a user-related preference.
So each user can decide for him/herself if they’d like to see form sections and related lists in it’s original format or in tabs.
Toggling can be done in the upper right corner:

To enable tabs functionality you need to define a “System” User Preference (User Administration -> User Preferences) with name “tabbed.forms” and type “string“.

I found another setting that must be related to tabbed forms in “System Properties -> UI Properties: Tabs on all sections or related lists” and when toggling this one the complete form changes to a tabbed form format.
I had issues with this setting, not displaying the information of my chosen record on the first form…. record info on the other tabs gets displayed fine.

Not sure if this is future functionality or something else.

Anyone any ideas..??


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