Deleted user records

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Ever ran into a situation where you accidently deleted too many or the wrong user records..??  ???

I did… 🙁

And I know of some customers who did…..
Now there is functionality to “undelete” deleted records (see this Wiki article), but for referenced records this most likely doesn’t have the effect you were looking (hoping?!) for.
Any historically created references to the restored record have disappeared and are not re-created.

Result: blank field values.

This goes for all referenced records btw and not only user records.
In most cases the only way to retrieve the deleted records and get back to the desired situation again is to have the backup restored.
Request a database restore a.s.a.p. in the SNC support system and hopefully nobody noticed your mistake.

Downside to this: you loose out on the work that got done after the backup was taken.

Ciao & stay alert!

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