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Every now and then we get questions from customers about passwords.
Sometimes they forgot what it was for the local support site, sometimes because they locked themselves out of their own instance.

The common complaint is then: ‘other websites have a link to click when you forget your password’. did not have that, but now: the possibility emerges!

If you follow the steps below, you should be able to create a custom page for the user to ask for a password reset!

1 – A new UI Page named reset_password (be careful: there is a HTML and a client script part!);
2 – A new Global Business Rule, common name would be Reset Password;
3 – A new Public Page record (System Definition -> Public Pages) with page: reset_password;
4 – A new Module named Reset Password or your custom name, add the role public, type URL (from arguments) and Arguments:
Place it in the Self Service application and make sure that the application is public as well;
5 – A new event (System Policy -> Event Registery) to kick off a mail: Event Name: password.reset Table: User (sys_user);
6 – A mail notification to send the password to the user: Event: password.reset, event.parm1 is the email address (should go into the ‘User field’) event.parm2 is the new password.
You can create the body of the mail with the text you want there, ${event.parm2} will give you the password in that body.

27-01-14 NOTE: the download is no longer active, ServiceNow has got ‘built-in’ capabilities to retrieve the password or change it if desired.

2 Responses to “Forgot Password?”

  1. sherard Says:

    is there any way to get this example code? I tried the .txt link above and got a 404 error.

  2. Ridicule Says:

    Hi Sherard,
    This article dates from January 30 2009. ServiceNow has other ways to ‘get’ the password or reset it. The txt file is no longer available, I’m sorry.

    I will edit the article to prevent disappointment for other people.

    Is there anything special you have in mind with this? If you need a hint, just let me know!

    Kind Regards, Rik.

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