SNC User Onboarding – Part 2

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In one of my previous posts I explained what we did to have flexible user onboarding.
This is all working very well, but has also got a risk in it structure: people can use different email addresses and create an overcrowded user registration.

For this, the following structure has been thought out.

All users will be onboarded and connected to a / their specific company.
The users connected to specific customers will remain, but all connected to a ‘generic’ company need to be evaluated to check if their presence is still necessary.

The simple rule will be: if you have not been active

SNC User Onboarding – Part 1

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Some time ago I was implementing for a customer that did not know the list of users.

Effectively, they had the whole country as a possible customer for their support instance!
Of course this is not a standard situation, but it gives a nice example of the possibilities to control users, onboarding, company association and actualisation.

Let’s look at one of the subjects and what we came up with. Maybe you would have interesting ideas as well?

1. Onboarding:
To make sure all thinkable users will be able to register we enabled two things: automatically create users from incoming email and dynamically create users from their username on the incident form.
These two ways cover the ways to register a ticket in the instance.

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