If you are creating an Incident as a servicedesk agent, this might not always be an Incident, it can very well be that you need to go to the Service Catalog to create a Service Request.
For example: the end user called about a broken laptop and at the end of the call, the servicedesk agent needs to order a new laptop.

So normally the servicedesk agent will resolve/close the incident and create a new item in the Service Catalog. Bit a waste of time for the servicedesk agent.

We designed a new process called – Call intake.
Combine the efficiency of creating a new incident and use the power of the Service Catalog.
We are using a special feature called the sc_cart table.

Process steps:

  1. Create a new incident
  2. If it’s not an incident, leave the current settings the same and change the category to Request
  3. The data will be pushed to the Service Catalog
  4. In the item you can use the data of the filled Request For user, like ordering a new Development Laptop
  5. After the order procedure, your request will be filled with the data from the sc_cart record

I will describe the steps you need to perform to create this functionality. The basics are simple, and you can create or expand this with more functionality using the sc_cart table.
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