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Now I’ve been working with for some time now and sometimes you just seem to forget about certain functionality that has been there already for a long time.
I’m not an implementation consultant, maybe I can (should?) use that as an excuse for why I forget about certain things…..
Or maybe I’m just getting older……
Either way, when I attended a webinar in December (2010!) where Rob Woodbyrne demonstrated out-of-the-box functionality I noticed Rob had split-lines in his forms and I was sure I hadn’t seen these before nor did I know how to get these into the form.

So you see, it’s good to attend webinars – even if you’re familiar with the product already for some time!

I always get enthusiastic when I see new stuff that might be useful someday (hopefully I still remember them when I need them!).

So this horizontal split-line thing intrigued me but I needed Rob’s help to point me to the Wiki page that describes the functionality.
For all impatient ones out there: click HERE for the Wiki article.

Again, you see, the Wiki is always a good the place to start – but you need to use/have the correct search tag(s).

The horizontal split-lines are called Annotations and they are very simple to use and can help you in separating or highlighting areas in your form.
The only thing you need to do is create a new glide property (glide.ui.form_annotations) of type true/false and set it to true – that’s it.
You can read full details in the Wiki article and pay attention to the Note at the top of the article.

I performed some simple tests and included screenshot results of the annotation functionality below.
It looks like only 1 HTML command is supported in combination with the annotation functionality; combining multiple HTML commands doesn’t get interpreted when loading the form.

Sample 1: Custom Annotation using Heading 1 HTML command <H1>:

Sample 2: Section Annotation using Font Color HTML command <FONT COLOR=”RED”>:

Sample 3: Line Annotation using text and Font Color HTML command <FONT COLOR=”GREEN”>:

Sample 4: Line Annotation using no text, just line and no HTML command:

Sample 5: Using 2 Line Annotations, left and right from the vertical form split. As you can see no correct horizontal outlining (possible?) here:

If you have any questions, drop me a mail.

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