Categorizing and maintaining your System Properties

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I am working on the support desk and sometimes customers ask us how to maintain the system properties on a configurable page, so they can be easily set instead of changing the property directly in the sys_properties table. A page, just like the out-of-the-box “Email Properties” page for example.

Figure 1: Email Properties page sample

As there isn’t much information about this on the official Wiki site, I thought : “This is a nice idea for a blog article”. Besides that, it is very easy to accomplish. 😉
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This subject might be a bit ‘of topic’ as I do not have a focus on the SNC application itself.
I will not go into any technical details nor describe how to configure

Still interested?

I am working as a Project Manager and I’m managing and have managed multiple projects, delivering the SNC solution for large companies.
In this topic I like to share a number of observations related to managing SNC projects.

Before going into detailed observations I like to make a statement first.

“In principle a SNC project does not differ from any other project. As with every project you have to manage items like: scope, timelines, resources, risks and quality”.

Having said this there are a number of observations I like to share that are challenging or at least different when you need to manage a SNC project.
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Working with date Date fields in Imports and Business Rules

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Working with Date fields in imports, field default scripts, business rules and all other places where you can use Server based Javascript is often seen as complex.

This is caused by all kinds of automatic conventions taking place.

  • All DateTime fields are internally stored in SNC in UTC format.
  • All DateTime fields are displayed in User format.
  • All DateTime fields entered using a User account are converted from user format and TZ to UTC format.
  • All DateTime fields filled with a string from Javascript are stored directly as UTC format.

Daylight Saving Periods make it complex to compute an exact LocalTime based on the UTC format.

To make Imports reproducible it’s advised to know under which credentials an Import or Scheduled job runs.
The fields ‘Run As’ and ‘Run as TZ’ are out-of-the-box not displayed in the Scheduled Jobs.

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