Having implemented Service-Now for several customers I noticed that quite often customers like the Service Catalog philosophy in Service Now. However some customers are missing some kind of intelligence when it comes down to ordering hardware (CIs). Imagine you’re a task performer/resolver. Somebody ordered a laptop and you would get a catalog task assigned to you. You probably begin with finding out which model is ordered. Then you would search for a CI that is in stock and when found, update its status to “Pending Installation” or “In Order”. If there is no stock you would probably manually create a new CI in the CMDB. In some cases a defined process could make your life a bit harder by having you create a change. Now let me show you how to make your life just a little bit easier J…..

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just click a button and a CI that is in stock is found and updated with the available information? Or when no stock is available an entry in the CMDB is created for you already?

Steps to perform:

  1. Remove the quantity field on the Catalog Item
  2. Add a reference variable
  3. Create a simple workflow on sc_req_item
  4. Make the product model table visible in the Configuration App
  5. Modify the product model table form
  6. Add number maintenance on CI tables
  7. Create UI Actions

Each step is detailed below.
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