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In this topic I like to share my first thoughts on Service-now .com as junior Technical Consult and my recommendations for getting started with

This blog-article is not about technical details.

I am working as a junior Technical Consultant for almost a year now, delivering the SNC solution at multiple different companies. 
My first impression on is very good and I have to admit that I’m impressed with its highly customizable platform, quick & flexible implementations and the way it is all structured.

Currently I’m still exploring, learning, and amazed at the unlimited opportunities Service-now has to offer.

One of my first assignments was to write a company specific User Manual.
The assignment was very helpful for me to discover what is about, the basic fundamentals and how it could be useful.

Now I’m involved in a design and implementation project where my role as consultant is more focused on customizations / developments in SNC.
It is a highly customizable platform via simple configuration, sometimes some JavaScript and often ‘clicky’ to administer.
Most of our customers are amazed how quickly customizations and implementation can be done.

One of my biggest challenges was trying to do too much too soon.
If you don’t have a firm grasp of the basics then you will soon be floundering out of your depth.

Realizing that and once you learn some basics about the platform, you can unlock a huge amount of usability.
I personally encourage any new users to focus on the basics.

Customers and the desire to stay Out Of the Box (OOB) never seem to occur in reality.
This sometimes introduces some scripting.

With that said, some basic knowledge of JavaScript, (which I think is very useful) can take it to a whole other level.

There are some caveats in….

The fact that nearly anything is possible within is sometimes also seen as a caveat.
The application is quite huge in the aspects and ‘feature richness’, but functionality description and explanation are not always all documented.
This can lead into searching the right syntax script or sometimes trying scripts on the basis of luck.

Another interesting topic is securing access to the application.
You need to give it a proper thought on roles, permissions and access to an application, module, table or record.

During an upgrade, no code that you as a developer have modified or created is touched or altered.  This is a good thing as your customizations continue to work, but you potentially could have missed out on new functionality and / or bug fixes. But to help customers in checking if they missed out on anything the Upgrade History offers great help in determining what is skipped during an upgrade and if reverting to upgraded functionality is still required.

Getting started with SNC

Here’s a list of information I consider to be helpful best practices for developing in 

The Service-Now Wiki:
Clear and simple, don’t ask questions before you looked into the Service-Now Wiki.
Good place for searching about any topic, video tutorials, guides and E-Books.

The SN Admin Training Guide:
It’s a nice document to start with, designed to enable new administrators in building out and configuring their instances.

Are YOU a Service-now Jedi?
A great article with topics on understanding the basics of using Demo Environment
Use DEMO Environment to develop and test your customizations without the risk messing up your development or production instance.

If you have any questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact me via email on

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