Testing and ServiceNow

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In addition to the blog by Fred van der Schaar about Business Requirements, also a test registration module is developed by 2e2 Consulting.
I have been working with this test registration module for a couple of months now.

When Business Requirements and Functional Specifications are defined and new functionality is developed, testing also kicks in. Testing your Functional Requirements and therefore verifying your Business requirements give you the opportunity to check if your ServiceNow instance is working as designed.

The Structure

Currently Business Requirement and Functional Specification are linked to each other. As we are defining the actual adjustments to the tool in Functional Specifications, we have created a link to the Test Case Step (which contains the test criteria). The Test Case Step is linked to a Test Case (which is a summary of all similar like Test Case Steps). Eventually, the Test Case Step contains all test results.

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Less is more – commissioning and decommissioning of data

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This is a popular slogan within the weight watchers scene. These words are not often used within IT. Only when we are facing the costs of data storage less data would have been a better option. There is a parallel between a belly and a database. They initially grow slowly and once they become too big and impact your daily live, it’s hard to reduce its size.

My bet is that most data entered into service management systems is not manually entered into the system but is entered via integrations and attachments. For the last one Service-now.com uses compression before attachments are stored in the database. But for integrations little precautions are made besides the scheduled removal of data in the importset tables. It’s up to the Service-now.com implementation team to be proactive in this.
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