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Attach the flood...Don’t know how this is for you, but I’m struggling to keep up with the massive amount of ServiceNow Wiki updates. Now the updates are a good thing – it’s good to keep the documentation as up-to-date as possible. However, me struggling to keep up is not so good.
I sometimes even caught myself not looking at my RSS reader any more since the number of unread articles just gave me this no-control feeling.

Now a lot depends on the RSS reader you use and after diving into this a bit more I found that that are so many readers that I had no clue which one to choose.
I was using the Google RSS Reader and to be honest, I was quite happy with it.

Only the (lack of) filtering capabilities were kind of disappointing.

On my search trying to find a solution to this filtering-challenge, I read many articles on the great power and flexibility of the Yahoo Pipes composition tool. Many people wrote good samples on how they used Yahoo Pipes to filter and better manage their immense RSS data feed streams. And it was possible to use this in combination with the Google RSS Reader too. This sounded promising!

So I created myself a Yahoo Pipes account, looked for RSS filter sample scenarios, copied 1 or 2 promising ones and started to adjust these to meet my personal settings.
The Yahoo Pipes samples included things like how to remove duplicates, filter results based on RSS title, sort by date, etc,
I’ve included a screenshot of my (simple) scenario below. You can make it much more complex of you like, but I like to keep things simple (maybe that is due to age??!!).

And it works great I have to tell you!

Yahoo Pipes is a nice and easy-to-use tool that allows for great flexibility to meet my private and business demands, just like ServiceNow does!

I did also try out some other like tools like FeedRinse and FeedDemon (which I even purchased), but I got (too?) used to my Google Reader that I preferred the use of that one.
So now I use the Google RSS Reader with the Yahoo Pipes filter – also functionality coming from “the Cloud” J .

If you are experiencing RSS-feed flooding just like I did, give it a try – I’m pretty sure it’ll work for you as well…..

And I encourage ServiceNow to update the Wiki even more often! (just joking…..)

If you want to know more of have any comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

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  1. Rik Says:

    Hi Fred!
    Nice article!
    Can you share the wiki URL you are using? Also: the picture is so small, I can not ‘learn’ from your example!

    Thank you,

  2. Fred K Says:

    Hi Rik!

    Thanks – and sure, I’ve just made the Yahoo Pipe available as public so anyone who likes to use it can do so.
    Just tried to search for it myself in Yahoo Pipes, but it was not (yet?!) showing up but I guess it needs to be indexed before it is found with the Pipes search-engine.

    If the URL is usable directly I don’t know – but here it is:


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