The Catalog
In a fully automated Self Services system, a customer is able to order services or products via a self-service portal. The items that can be requested are often offered via use of an actionable electronic service catalog. When the customer enters an order, the system automatically picks it up and starts the execution/delivery for the request. Responsible delivery groups get notified that are all part of the delivery chain. Group response- and progress time is also monitored according to defined Service Level Agreements (SLA). Usually, SLA’s are defined using the Service Level Management process at the definition stage of a service or product. The agreements are translated into automated monitoring rules and get accordingly implemented in ServiceNow. Once requests are made available using the Service Catalog, automatic ordering can be handled nice and smoothly.

But what if the customer would like to order now, but the delivery is allowed to wait for some time, since there is no high priority?
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