When Print or Print-Screen just isn’t sufficient…..

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Printing from the web browser……. it’s nowadays better than it used to be.
But still you are every now and then faced with a situation where you want (need?) more than the standard functionality has to offer.

Now I recently received a customer question that looked so simple that I was somewhat disappointed that I couldn’t meet the requirement with the out-of-the-box ServiceNow functionality.

Interested? Got your attention now? Ok, here we go….

Question was: can I print (or save in a PDF-file) a CI with all of its relations included?

Sounds simple enough, I thought I could just do that with the out-of-the-box ServiceNow or web browser print functionality.
And that works just fine, but unfortunately the CI relations are not there.

Since I’m not so much into the daily ServiceNow implementation any more I asked my colleagues.

The disappointment-picture still applied; no such functionality is available out-of-the-box.
But guess what, my colleague-consultants are so eager to find out of this is possible that just a few days later a received an email from my colleague Bert Stapel.
Now he called it still draft code, not complete, needed work, etc.
He wanted to make this more perfect, etc.etc.
And I’m sure he will, when he finds some time.

But in the meantime I’m already giving it to you here.

As said, this is early draft – but it already provided me with an answer to the simple question from above: yes, sure you can – ServiceNow can do anything!  🙂

Included below are 2 screenshots.

Screenshot 1 is the CI form with Business Service and its relationships.

Screenshot 2 is the printer friendly version after clicking the Print Preview button (upper right corner on the form).

I’ve included the zipped UI Action XML code here, and you can download it using the download button below.
[download id=”2″]

With many thanks to my colleague Bert Stapel and if you want to reach me, drop me an email at fred.kouwenberg@2e2.nl

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