Sometimes you don’t want to create a record but you need to prefill some fields on the form.
You can do this by creating a “dynamic” URL, like this for example in an UI Action (Button) to copy a change task:

[cc lang=”javascript”]
var link = ‘/’ + current.cmdb_ci;
link += ‘^priority=’ + current.priority;
link += ‘^change_request=’ + current.change_request;
link += ‘^company=’ +;
link += ‘^risk=’ + current.risk;
link += ‘^impact=’ + current.impact;
link += ‘^urgency=’ + current.urgency;
link += ‘^assignment_group=’ + current.assignment_group;
link += ‘^short_description=’ + escape(current.short_description);
link += ‘^description=’ + escape(current.description);

gs.addInfoMessage(“New change task created as a copy of change task ” + current.number);

In the script above we will create a link where we redirect the user to.

We use the Javascript function “escape” to encode the value for use in a URL, this prevents errors in the URL with the use of &, ?, ‘ and = signs
(I first used but when it’s not needed don’t use Packages)

Optional we can enable the Tiny URL plugin
This will keep the URL tiny and the URL can be as large as we want. When the plugin is enabled the URL will become:
[cc lang=”text” nowrap=”0″]
instead of:
[cc lang=”text” nowrap=”0″]^priority=3^

When we look in the Tiny URL table (sys_tiny_url) we will find our record with the following data:
[cc lang=”text” nowrap=”0″]
The Tiny URL will be used when the length of the property glide.tiny_url_min_length is exceeded. (default 1024)

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