Integrating Chat in the UI11 GUI

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Important note: the UI11 Chat functionality described below can cause serious performance impact and we received a ServiceNow notice that this is unsupported ServiceNow functionality.
Therefore we don’t recommend using this functionality other than for e.g. demo purposes.

For quite some time now ServiceNow offers integrated Social IT functionalities and Chat is one of those functionalities.
As with all ServiceNow functionalities, Chat is completely integrated and doesn’t require the installation of an additional client or piece of local software.
Just available – straight from the GUI.
And you’ve probably seen it, it’s available in the GUI from the navigator-pane in the Social IT application.

Recently when talking to a colleague about Chat he mentioned he had seen a feature on integrating Chat into the UI11 GUI where it would show up in a navigation-pane on the right of the screen.
Sounds cool enough to wanna know more about it!
So I asked him what was needed to get this feature enabled and activated in our instance.

And – as with many ServiceNow things – it wasn’t too difficult; it only required 1 property to be added.
This property however is not mentioned in the ServiceNow Wiki in the Available System Properties list.

So I’m going to give it to you here of course, because I think you might also find it cool….
I’m not gonna explain how to add a system property, you can read how to do that HERE.

System Property name: glide.ui11.show_chat
Type: true/false
Value: true

Once defined you should see Chat as in the picture below:

Quite a difference from what I was used to be familiar with. I included several screenshots below for you to look at….

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Of course you need the UI11 GUI to be enabled to see the integrated Chat feature on the right side of your screen.
This property makes this UI Chat functionality available to all users, it’s a system-wide property, so this is something to keep in mind when changing it.

Let me know what you think by dropping me a mail .img[at].img and/or if you were able to find this chat feature in the ServiceNow Wiki, because the Wiki is changing every day and keeping up is difficult….
All credits go to my colleague Rik, you can find him on this blog using nickname Ridicule.

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