Speeding up Incident Solving using Smart Info Finder functionality

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IT Operations always stands for big challenges when it comes to solving incidents. Bringing up IT services should be as quick as possible to minimize the adverse impact on business operations.

To do this IT Specialists are working together to fix IT problems as fast as possible. It’s clear that IT problems will be solved quicker when the experience and the knowledge level of the IT specialist increases. Besides, we also know that good experienced IT specialists are hard to find and mostly they are expensive employees.

Incident management is the process which is normally responsible for incident handling. The first step involves the IT Helpdesk which is the single central point of contact for all IT users. It logs and manages all incidents. The logging step would be the best starting point to fix incidents quick and satisfactory. This is also the place where IT Operations could save money in terms of lower the mean time to repair by a first line fix.

But how do we challenge the problem facing the rarity of experienced IT specialists who are usually expensive. Also they often do not like to work on an IT Helpdesk, solving boring daily IT problems.

It would be easier to find IT specialists with a basic knowledge of IT willing to staff the IT Helpdesk The only thing they need is a powerful supporting tool so they are managed to provide the same quality of service as the Senior IT specialists in order to solving IT problems quick and satisfactory.

“Smart Info Finder” Functionality

We need to make a remark upfront: We – unfortunately – cannot share the code for the Smart Info Finder functionality yet here in this article. This is still a work in progress and we are looking for your feedback and thoughts on this topic. So please excuse us for “not sharing” code yet, but do drop us an email to share your thoughts at .img[at].img.

For a Helpdesk IT Specialist is essential to be able to quickly lookup information which might be applicable for the incident that is being handled at that moment. Therefore we developed the “Smart Info Finder” tool. By pressing a button an showing the following information:

1. Calls ( e.q. an incident, Question, Request for change or complaint)opened by the IT user in the last month. Open and Closed Calls will be displayed.
2. Open Incidents on the selected Service with open date in the last week.
3. Open Known Errors on the selected Service

The items displayed in this list can be selected to view the details. From the detailed view there is the option to immediately take the follow up action as follows:

1. Calls: the appropriate Call can be viewed and updated by the Helpdesk IT Specialist by clicking the number of the call.

2. Incidents: The Call can be related to the Open Incident by selecting the appropriate one and press the “OK” button.

The call is directly linked to the incident via the Smart Info Finder

3. Known Errors: The Call can be related to the Known Error by clicking the “selecting the appropriate one and press the “OK” button.

This will also copy the content of the workaround field from the Known Error in the Solution field of the Call.

Helpdesk IT Specialist will automatically be brought back to the Call ticket and all that needs to be done now is implement the solution and close the Call to make it a First Time Fix incident.

Using Smart Info Finder in Incident management

How to use the Smart Info Finder during the Logging:

Step 1. When a phone call comes in, Helpdesk IT Specialist starts creating a Call and fills in all the import information of the IT User and the subscribed IT Service.
Step 2. When a status update of an earlier logged Open Call is requested, Helpdesk IT Specialist can use the button “Related Info Dialog” on top of the form which calls the “Smart Info Finder” to quickly look-up the open calls registered on the IT User in the past month. By pressing the call number, the IT specialist jumps directly to the early call.
Step 3. Scrolling down the Helpdesk IT Specialist can related the call to an Open Incident displayed on the detailed Incident viewed from the “Smart Info Finder” overview screen
Step 4. Finally scrolling down further the Service Desk Agent may find a Known Error with a proper workaround to link the Call to. There is no need to create a new Incident then. The content of the workaround in problem ticket will be copied to the solution field of the Call. The Helpdesk IT Specialist will automatically be brought back to the Call ticket and
Step 5. All that needs to be done now is implement the solution and close the Call to make it a First Time Fix

We are looking for feedback here, so please let us know what you think, share your thoughts with us and drop us an email at: .img[at].img

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  1. Johnny Quinonez Says:

    This sounds like our current experience and situation. We are trying to improve our Service Desk experience for both new staff and from the Customer experience. Additionally, we are considering to contract with a service for a few hours of after-hour service and they would need to ramp up quickly for types of calls that we receive, although number of calls may initially be somewhat light.

    I’m hoping that you may have finalized code for this process and would share it in an update set.

    Thank you in advance.

    Johnny Quinonez
    Programmer Analyst II | ServiceNow Certified System Administrator
    Tulare County Information & Communications Technology
    Office Phone: 559-636-4845

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