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MethodologyWorking as a Project Manager on a number of ServiceNow projects I am always looking for a better or more efficient way to manage the projects by using knowledge of previous projects and / or best practices.
It would also be great to use a modern approach to implement ServiceNow and matching the requirements of customers.

Building plans, manage resources and using management info from projects is easy using the ServiceNow Project and Portfolio Management plug-in.
The thing is: I would like to use standard project plans for implementing ServiceNow using modern approaches like SCRUM and AGILE.

To my surprise, looking on the web and in the ServiceNow Wiki, there is a methodology available for ServiceNow professionals called the StartNow Methodology.

Also available are standard plans for 3 types of customers:

  1. Normal: For customers adapting their processes to ServiceNow.
  2. Quick Start: ServiceNow instance with minimal configuration
  3. MSPs: Specialized plan for Managed Service Providers with data separation.

The information above and more details are available on the Wiki.

The reason I put this on this blog is to share experiences with this methodology, or at least find out if the methodology is used in practice.


  • Are the standard project plans available to import or load into ServiceNow?
  • Does anyone use the standard and what are the findings, lesson learns and other experiences?
  • Can someone share plans which are used in practices, without compromising customer confidentiality and compliance?

I’m highly interested in your feedback, so please don’t hesitate and reply to this blog article or send your reply/comments to .img[at].img.

3 Responses to “StartNow Methodology”

  1. dale brown Says:

    Im one of the principle architects of StartNow here at ServiceNow and can shed more light on this…

    This is a methodology which blends both traditional waterfall project and agile product development principles together to deploy the ServiceNow product itself.

    it’s a new application which is installed for new deployments and the appropriate projects plans, collateral and scrum data packs are loaded dependant on the type of deployment / customer type.

    We’re rolling this out to the partner community early next year so please watch this space!


  2. Jan Morsch Says:


    I have embraced Agile methods as very applicable to use in implementations of Software packages as well as SaaS solutions. I would however suggest not to limit methods as Scrum to the deploy phase of an implementation but also conduct the Scrum method to parts of the preparations as LDAP integrations and other integrations as deployment is often affected severely by these parts in the prepare phase. I would even try to go as far as “Scrumming” on activities as Integration Requirements and/or Data Requirements!

    I am looking out to your reactions but also to experiences on StartNow on this space.

    Thanks, Jan

  3. dale brown Says:

    Hi Jan,
    yes you are correct in your comments, we dont limit the Scrum piece to just the deploy stage. We use Scrum to build out the core system (LDAP / Integrations / base data etc) so it has many uses within the traditional waterfall software project


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