Adding meta tags on task records

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On the Knowledge base form in SNC you are able to put META data in Knowledge item without being visible for the ESS user, by making the meta field visible. This is handy if you want to be able to use search words. From the WIKI: “Meta tags are hidden from the end user and are not part of the text of the article itself, but they return a positive “hit” in a search. For example, if you added the word ” computer” as a meta tag in a particular article, then a search for computer would find the article even if the word never actually appears in the article’s text.

In my opinion, meta tags are not only handy in the knowledge base but in incident, change, problem (task level) etc, as well. As I experienced myself that searching in incidents, problems and changes might be helpful.

The solution is quite simple.

Step 1: Add a string text field on task level

Adding a field to the task table is the first step. Call it ‘Meta’ or whatever you like.

Now the task form looks like this:

Step 2: Access Control (ACL)

Make sure that the newly created field is not visible for ESS users. Only for ITIL (or any equal roles you might use).

Step 3: Make sure task table is indexed

Click personalize dictionary and click on the ‘collection’ record

Check the text index flag

Step 4: Higher ranking (optional)

If you want to raise the meta tags to a higher ranking (document score) using ZING search you can add the following attribute: ts_weight=[INT].
See the ServiceNow Wikipedia:


Test the solution yourself by adding tags in the meta field on incidents, changes, problems, catalog tasks etc. To test it properly make sure that the tags are only used in the meta field. They should not be used in any other field in the form.

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