ServiceNow and Nolio, a match made in Heaven?

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A few months ago, a customer told me about Nolio and what it can do. This was related to a study they were doing to try to find a way to automate all pre-defined tasks in their Change Management and Request Management catalogue. They tried to find this possibility in ServiceNow Runbook and compared it with Nolio, but they found Nolio to be an alternative providing them with capabilities even beyond the automation they wanted to achieve!

I thought this was worth some further investigation and below you will find a short introduction of Nolio and the product:

1. Nolio ASAP

ASAP is the ‘development’ area of Nolio, where the design of the ‘release’ process will take place. Any pre-defined process to release, change, create or better said: “do something” will be put in a worklflow process. The process is totally disconnected from the actual machines it has to run on, it will only focus on the kind or type of machine that is used (e.g. MySQL database or Active Directory etc).

2. Nolio Release Operation Center

Operation Center is where engineers can select, start and control the pre-defined scenarios from the ASAP area. Here they can select against which machines they might want to run scenarios and what kind of input they would like to give (parameters, software versions etc).

These two parts are run via a Nolio server.
This is also where the scenarios are stored and where they are run from.

In a ‘default setup’ this already sounds as a powerful tool, but what is possible if we bring ServiceNow in the game?

We can, instead of using the Operation Center, start the workflow directly from ServiceNow!

This means that a pre-defined scenario or workflow could be fed with parameters coming from ServiceNow: send a message to the (ServiceNow specific) service from Nolio Operation Center kicking of the fully automated setup and communicate the result back to ServiceNow.

This integration runs via WebServices, a secure and straight forward setup!
To see this in action, there is a page on the Nolio website:

And it contains a recorded video on how to setup the interaction with ServiceNow.

The setup is visible in as well, holding some information in the specific Nolio application and the Change Management area.

Personally, I think that there can be great benefit in using Nolio (also) from ServiceNow.

What do you think?

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