This article describes a sample setup of an Incident interface using the SOAP protocol between ServiceNow and an external system. It aims to deliver an interface that can easily be monitored by any user with access to the Incident Management module and it will also hand you some important considerations to take into account while designing the interface.

Functional Setup

We are looking at a situation where two systems interface Incidents. Both systems will play a role in the Incident Management process, which means that inserts and updates can be created on either side. Goals of an interface should be:

  • The Incident Process on both sides must be supported
  • Minimum manual work
  • The Incident Process on both sides should be respected. This means that expecting once side to change its process to support the process on the other side should be prevented. This also goes for Codings such as Status and Categorization
  • Data consistency must be preserved: at each moment the data in both systems must match
  • It must be possible to monitor the interface


The first step in creating an interface is to look at the process on both sides and to find a logical flow across both systems. Main questions will be:
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