The smallest detail regarding your ServiceNow instance!

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This describes what’s needed for one of those extremely small details regarding your ServiceNow instance: the favicon.

“A favicon (short for “favorites icon”), also known as a page icon, is an icon associated with a particular website or webpage. ” ~ Wikipedia

Favicons are those semi-forgettable images that are actually a nice finishing touch on any website.

A little history of the ICO format

A common misconception is that an ICO is simply a bitmap image (BMP) with an ICO extension. Although, the ICO format stores the icons in a bitmap form, the format can actually store multiple bitmaps within it. Each bitmap can be a different size and of a different bit depth including support for alpha transparencies.

More to it than meets the eye

When you own or owned a website then you realize how pesky this lil’ file can be when you forget some small but important details on how to make one that works and doesn’t cause problems. Do it wrong, it’ll end up a mess in your server logs or just plain won’t work everyone visiting your site.

What are the requirements for a good favicon?

By a small square icon, I mean that a favicon is a really small icon measuring 16×16 pixels. You can also create a 32×32 pixels or 64×64 pixels icon. Creating a larger favicon is only useful if user opens up a folder that is set to display large icons. In all other cases, your Favicon will be scaled down to 16×16 pixels to be displayed in the tabs, favorites menu or the address bar.
Have a look at for more background information on favicons.

How do I display a favicon for my SNC instance?

Step 1: Upload the your favicon

Step 2: Go to System Properties->System, and look for the property “Icon image displayed in bookmarks and browser address bar:”

Change the value from “favicon.ico?v=4”

into in this example “logicalis_smc.ico”

The result is:

That’s all! Small effort, great result!
Enjoy and if you have any questions you can reach me at .img[at].img.

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  1. athi karthick Says:

    Can I create a new custom icon in the banner?
    Similar to the impersonate and print icon ?
    Awaiting your response

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