Just the other day I came across an issue with a client script, which did not seem to work in the Safari browser. The script wanted to open a browser window to register an outage using the window.open method. Turned out that this was not just related to Safari but can also be an issue with Chrome and IE, the only exception is that Safari gives you no indication of why your ‘window.open’ method is not working.

Perhaps one of the most appreciated features of Safari is its built-in Pop-Up blocker. If you’ve spent any time at all on the Web, you’re probably all too familiar with the annoying windows that pop up over and under the Web pages you’re trying to view.

Sometimes these windows contain important information, but most of the time, they’re occupied by advertisements. The pop-up blocker built into Safari is enabled by default, which bans irritating pop-up windows from your browsing experience.
Safari’s pop-up blocker works so well that you may forget that pop-up windows even exist. But sometimes it works too well. Many sites these days post warnings on their main pages stating that you may miss information if your browser employs a pop-up blocker, but if you ever come across a Web site that -doesn’t seem to be working properly (for instance, if you’re clicking a link that -doesn’t seem to be doing anything), try turning off Safari’s pop-up blocker.

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