buttonMaking adjustments to a ServiceNow environment is one thing. Tracking your adjustments and document them is a whole different kind of thing. With experience at an FDA compliant customer, it is crucial to keep track of your adjustments for your requirements.
In this blog I would like to follow-up Fred van der Schaar’s blog about the Business Requirement section, in particular; the Functional Specification module. This is a part of the ‘Requirement Management’ application created and used by Logicalis SMC.

The Functional Specification

A Business Requirement contains a need for the business, requested by the Customer. However, the Business Requirement is a strategic level and leaves a lot of questions how things should be implemented on an operational level. To avoid fuss, a translation to actual functionality is required. This is done in the Functional Specification, the tactical level.
The Functional Specification contains all required information for the tactical level, how would we like to see the Business Requirement being fulfilled. For example: ‘We need a risk calculation button and when pressed, a calculation is required between values in Field Y and Field Z’.
The Functional Specification on tactical level is seamlessly integrated with the actual adjustments in the tool, which are on the operational level.

What about keeping track of your adjustments?

The Functional Specification module contains several related lists. The related lists are all connected to specific components in ServiceNow (like Access Controls, Applications, Business Rules and Client Scripts). These related lists are used to relate Functional Specifications to actual adjustments in the tool.

How can we document this?

Now we got all information in the ServiceNow tool. For some customers, just having the information in ServiceNow is not enough and compliance requires an additional document for approval. Or in some cases you would like to create a feature list for your next release. We can use the ‘export to PDF’ function to get the information directly or we can build specific reports to get us the information we want.
Logicalis SMC decided we needed an easy way to export all Business Requirements and Functional Specifications directly out of the tool in a proper layout and in a Word document. In the screenshot below you can see how the Word document looks like when exported out of ServiceNow.

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