Streaming your Service Management status

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About one month ago I arrived in Singapore

to add a new chapter to my ServiceNow story. So far I’ve been enjoying everything Singapore has to offer. The food is great, the people are friendly and the weather is excellent. One of the perks of this job is that I have the ability to experience a different culture. A few things stand out, but there is one thing in particular that has inspired me to write this blog.

Every morning I use the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) to get from my apartment to the office. On average the MRT assists 2.4 million people to reach their destination per day. During this journey the majority of people on the train use a mobile device and they use it continuously on the way to the exit of the station. It’s used to catch up on some reading, watch a television show that they might have missed due to a late day in the office or to catch up with friends through the various social networks that are out there on the web.

This made me think about the way people consume information. People are used to live in streams of information, a timeline if you will. However, in ServiceNow we still ask users to open a record and get the latest status update of a ticket. Could we make the experience more efficient by presenting them with their personal Service Management stream? And then: how would this look and feel?

A Service Management stream would contain the journal entries of tickets for this user and provide quick insight on where tickets are in their process. The most recent updates will of course be on top, together with the addition of the ticket reference number and maybe the short description. When needed, a user should be able to provide updates to tickets from this view and, when required, also have the ability to open the ticket and look at the details. Within a stream a user should be able to classify quickly if an update has relevancy. Ultimately this relevancy determines how long you spend on viewing the update. To quickly help identify this an icon can be used. A user is either the creator/beneficiary of the ticket or watching it from the side line as part of a watch list. An icon would quickly help to identify the relevancy of an update to each of those users.

The Service Management stream would primarily be used in the self-service application and should replace the various open/closed modules that bring a user to a list overview of the specific ticket type. In the spirit of moving: Out with the old, in with new.

I’m curious to see how other people look at this and what their opinions are!

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