How to use the “Not Exists” operator

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Once I was at a customer who wanted to know which CIs in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) were not linked to an IT service. I discovered that ServiceNow didn’t posses the capability to do this easily by using some kind of operator like “Not Exists”, an SQL statement to filter-out the correct related Configuration Items.

Exists vs Not Exists

What is a Not Exists operator? Basically, it’s a conditional operator to test for the existence or non-existence of a set of values returned by a sub-query.

Example: Correlated Sub-query with NOT EXISTS
Suppose you are working with the following tables:

  • CMDB contains the set of all Configuration Items
  • IT Service contains the set of all Services
  • Relations contains the set of all relations

As shown in the diagram below, the intersection of these three tables contains the data for all Configuration Items that has a relationship with an IT Service
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Strengthen your password

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Standard behavior of SNC instances is that no password checking is done.
Security departments however demand passwords that are ‘strong’.

What a strong password is depends on the demands of the company but generally the next demands covers most needs:
1. Password must have a minimal length
2. Password must contain certain type of characters ( a capital, number, etc).
3. New password must differ from the current password.
4. User is forced to change his password after a certain period.
5. Password may not be used the last so many times.

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Single Sign On (SSO) and CMS: difficult or easy? An anecdote

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We are lucky to employ an impressive amount of ServiceNow consultants that are highly skilled, experienced and extremely clever (and that is not a joke). They are able to create solutions for complex situations and integration projects I would say in any accounts – small or enterprise.  Often the consultants have in-depth knowledge of more than only ServiceNow, and also know about protocols, technologies, infrastructures, networks, etc.

Quite honestly, they easily outsmart me with their technical skills (and they should because I’m more business development than implementation).

But every now and then an answer might be so obvious that they forget the basic and first taught rules and are ready to ‘over-engineer’ not only the question, but the solution too which they have at their hands.

A few days ago an appreciated implementation consultant colleague asked me the following question (and it often starts with “you’ve been working with ServiceNow for a long time, so you know a lot about it…..”)

A customer is using SAML SSO, and it works fine on the main instance URL. But it doesn’t work correctly in combination with the CMS site(s) they’ve created. And end users access requires SSO to the CMS site(s). Any idea what could be wrong?
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Archiving with unique fields

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In the instances which have the Berlin or a later release installed, the archiving functionality is enabled. The application “System Archiving” is available. Archiving rules are used to determine which tables are archived and for which tables a corresponding archiving table should be created. All the archiving tables are named ar for example the incident table will have an arincident table if an active archiving rule is defined.
What happens if the “number” field on the task table is set as a unique field in the dictionary table?
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