We are lucky to employ an impressive amount of ServiceNow consultants that are highly skilled, experienced and extremely clever (and that is not a joke). They are able to create solutions for complex situations and integration projects I would say in any accounts – small or enterprise.  Often the consultants have in-depth knowledge of more than only ServiceNow, and also know about protocols, technologies, infrastructures, networks, etc.

Quite honestly, they easily outsmart me with their technical skills (and they should because I’m more business development than implementation).

But every now and then an answer might be so obvious that they forget the basic and first taught rules and are ready to ‘over-engineer’ not only the question, but the solution too which they have at their hands.

A few days ago an appreciated implementation consultant colleague asked me the following question (and it often starts with “you’ve been working with ServiceNow for a long time, so you know a lot about it…..”)

A customer is using SAML SSO, and it works fine on the main instance URL. But it doesn’t work correctly in combination with the CMS site(s) they’ve created. And end users access requires SSO to the CMS site(s). Any idea what could be wrong?
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