Requirements Management and Quality Assurance

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I have been working on several complex projects to deliver ServiceNow to our customers. At the moment we are in the beginning stages of a project to replace an extensive HP Service- and Asset manager environment with a history of around 10 years of development.

The targeted ServiceNow solution will have over 1.500 process users and around 20.000 end users.

One of the major challenges is that the customer – in this case – is dependent on a large number of their self build functionalities and definitions, mainly driven by contracts with their customer for whom they deliver their services.

Adding the need for new functionality and utilizing the flexibility of ServiceNow will be a complex project with major customizations. Despite all the effort and advise to stay as close as possible to the standard out of the box functionality a lot of the old system functionality has to be rebuild and/or translated.

In such a heavily customized environment it is key to understand, track and manage all requirements, specifications and configurations. All together with a link and relation to Quality Assurance and testing to make sure all the adaptions are working fine and ServiceNow isn’t breaking up due to the customizations.

In short: I am in need of a solution where I can:

  1. Register all requirements, specifications and configurations
  2. Register use cases, test scenarios, test activities and test results
  3. Relate 1 and 2
  4. Register all test results

To be able to

  1. Manage progress of all requirements, specifications and configurations
  2. Keep track of all adjustments
  3. Plan testing
  4. Track all test results in relations to their specifications (‘traceability’)
  5. Manage the Quality of the environment, including working standard configuration together with all the customizations

To finally

  1. Implement a Quality driven solution

In the past we gained a lot of experience with the management of requirements and where able to use a self build module in ServiceNow. Some details can be found in a previous article from one of my colleagues: Keeping track of your adjustments and there is an article available with some thoughts on design and quality from another colleague of mine.

Despite the fact that our own solution for managing requirements has been working fine and was fit for purpose, the solution is aged and ServiceNow has also been delivering functionality to plan manage and test requested functionality.
So in a world where we have StartNow, Agile, SCRUM, and the Software Development Life Cycle Plugin (and I am surely missing a few) can someone help me or share thoughts on how to setup a system to manage requirements, track the adjustments and deliver the requested quality?

Any suggestions are welcome!

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