Howto: Manage e-mail hyperlink to ServiceNow with a portal

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The portal

You have created a beautiful portal in ServiceNow using CMS where your end users can log in, search for support, create tickets, chat with a service desk and keep track of their logged incidents or change requests. (BTW: If you want a nice portal please contact us, we can build great portals for you 😉 )

The problem we faced

If you send out an email notification when the user submits an incident or change request or there is an update on a ticket, you’d like to send a hyperlink in the email message. Now the user is able to quickly navigate to the ticket on the ServiceNow instance.

By default ServiceNow sends a URL to

This will result in the behavior that the user will be directed to the ServiceNow instance and not the portal.

The (almost perfect) solution

I found a property that you can create on your instance:
Type: string
Value: (for example)

Now your outgoing email will be sent with hyperlinks to this new URL as long as you use ${URI_REF} in your email notification.
The generator will then use your URL from the property.

Now this first solution will work if everyone needs to be redirected to the portal but I have created a separated UI Page “redirect_url”.
So I simply change the property to the UI Page to make sure every user will go trough the redirect page.
On this UI Page I can check user credentials and other stuff to redirect the user to the correct Portal page or the correct ServiceNow page.

I think you can build your own redirect page and maybe if you have enough spare time you can think about a redirect table to make it even more dynamic 😉

Good luck!
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  1. Bhavya Says:

    Please let us also the details of UI page you created to achieve redirection to either portal page/service now page

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