Are you using Financial Management?

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During my adventures in ServiceNow I bumped into the Financial Management module. Normally we ITSM people take a big leap around it and we focus on process that are more familiar to use like change or incident management. In this blog article I want to show how ServiceNow is able to support some of the underlying processes of Financial Management for IT.
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To log or not to log. That is the question!?

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We all like to develop new and ingenious code which does lots of spectacular things. In order to achieve this we probably need some help in the form of logging as not always we can write the code perfectly the first time, after all we are only human and a typo is easily made. A mistake that can take hours of your time to find it.

The issue Logging is as old as software programming itself.
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Reference field searching

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When working with references, people might not always know the exact name of the record or item they are looking for. An example of this is a CI.

In this example, when you are searching for your ‘marketing’ business chain, you would have to know that it’s name starts with 01…. right?
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Update the GlideRecord object with Journal fields

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A short while ago, while implementing Service-Now for a customer, we experienced behaviour we did not anticipated.
We were creating a mechanism where we could send and receive messages through SOAP Web Services.
While processing the received data, we had to update the work_notes field in the Incident table. In our implementation, work_notes is a ‘journal’ field. We had to loop through some data rows and it was our intention to use one update to write all found data to the record.
We updated the work_notes field directly in the GlideRecord object (as you would normally do) in a loop, using a statement like:

gr.work_note += varString;

The insert statement caused the work_notes field to show as much separate updates in the Activity log as we had loops in the program.

Since this behaviour was unwanted, we solved it by using a variable in the loop instead of the “gr” object.
So, whenever you have multiple updates to a journal field, be aware of this behaviour!

I hope this blog article is helpful. If you have questions, please let me know via email or a response below!

Good luck!
Kind regards,
Fred van der Schaar (.img[at].img)