Removing the out of the box ‘export’ functionality

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For privacy or security reasons you sometimes want to prevent users to make an export of tables they have access to.
For example. the user table is normally accessible for everyone with an itil role. It is desired that every user can be looked up, so read access is provided to all records. But it is probably not desirable that a complete export of this table can be saved as an excel file on a local computer.

The instructions below describe how you can prevent people from making an export of the result list for a specific table. In this example the user table is taken.
Although the user table itself is not available in the navigation panel on the right (for the itil user), there are always users that find their way to get to the user list. Simply by filtering on sys_user.list in the navigation menu, extent the base url with “/” or other possible ways.

Out of the box an export functionality is available after retrieving a list. The option is given to export the complete list into excel, csv or pdf.

The idea is to remove the out of the box Export option in the list.
Below the context menu item that is responsible for showing the export function.

Please note that the XML option is only available for users with an admin role.
In the out of the box Export context menu there is already an export limitation on related lists and reference lists. This should be extended to the list as a result from a search on a specific table: && !(ListProperties.getTable() == ‘sys_user’)
After making this modification the export option is available anymore.

Note that such a restriction will also prevent an export to be generated in a list report in the report module.
Other note: when opening a single record the standard report option will still be available.

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