Data Driven Implementation

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The situation
Always when I am working on a ServiceNow implementation I am looking for ways for the customer to maintain the application themselves. This usually translates into data tables that the customer can maintain, but it all starts with a data driven design.
Change management approvals is such an area where the customer benefits from this approach, as the approval rules may change over time. At one customer, depending on the workflow, priority and risk different approval groups were required.

The solution
ServiceNow already a similar solution for this with the SLA definitions, where you can use the condition builder to specify the conditions. All we need to add is the ability to specify the approval group or derived value (e.g. the assignment group of the selected configuration item). So I created a new table “Approval rules” added the condition field builder, added a drop-down for the approval selector (group/role) and some fields. Then I re-used some of the “Process SLA” business rule that has the code for looking at a match between a rule and a record and created my own version “Process Approvals”.


A few weeks after this was completed, the problem management team decided they also wanted to have some approvals in their process. Since that process uses the same data structure as change management it was just a matter of using the same ‘Process Approvals’ business rule of change management and adjust the trigger conditions.
Now the customer can maintain their change and problem management approval rules all by them self. That leaves me with more time to focus on challenging implementation matters.

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