Don’t get lost in your PA Dashboard Widgets

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Since the Helsinki release you can enable the Responsive Canvas plugin. This gives you full flexibility on how to arrange your dashboard widgets. Besides it offers lazy load, causing the widgets on the bottom of your page only to load when you scroll down, resulting in an overall smoother and faster experience. Starting from the Istanbul release, your dashboards are automatically converted the first time you open them! On Helsinki, we have done this manual in our instances.

However, if you have a large collection of dashboards, tabs and widgets, you might find yourself searching a while for the specific widget your looking for. Especially your less frequent visiting users might get a bit lost.

For that purpose, we have created a Database View. This view is linking together all tables involved, from your Dashboard Group, to the Widgets and Reports on your Dashboard tabs. As you can see 12 tables are involved.

PA Dashboard to widget

This is a good start, but still it isn’t the experience we aim to give our users. To improve this we have built a UI Page, using the internal API to retrieve the database view data as a JSON object and AngularJS / Bootstrap to present it in a user-friendly way.

By doing this you can search as you type and display the result in the same order as they appear in Performance Analytics. The Dashboard search page is available in the Performance Analytics menu, right above Dashboards.

Open Incidents

Clicking on the Dashboard or Tab link, takes you straight to the expected dashboard. Clicking a widget shows a preview of that widget.
Open Incident chart

Currently you can search PA widgets, reports and gauges. The order can be random and also the report or widget type can be entered, e.g. pivot or breakdown. Roles of dashboards are not filtered in this version and prerequisite is that you have enabled the Responsive Canvas plugin.
Feel free to download the updateset from Share and leave a comment if you find it useful or have a question.

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