Frequent display issues with (related) lists

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I am working on the service desk and on regular base we are getting issues about a particular user having problems with viewing records in a (related) list. In some situations a part of the list is not displayed, but we also get issues where a security constraint error message appears, while the issue is not directly caused by the security rules that were defined on the list. In this blog I will describe some of these issues and of course, I will also provide some steps you could check in case you may face a similar issue.

Issue 1: (Related) List with records is not showing at all, or columns are not displayed as expected.
In this situation most users are trying to clear their browsers cache. That’s a good idea to start with, however unfortunately this will mostly not solve the display issue. We noticed that often the problem is caused by a user preference. These settings are stored in the system table “User Preferences” (tabelname: sys_user_preference).

Check if there are any preferences set for this particular user and for the table where this list of records is not displayed. If you find any records in this table, which you think could be related to the issue, then please delete these entries. We have seen several situations where a user preference record was preventing the list to load fine, so hopefully this will help you here as well.

In case the above did not help a refresh of the server cache could be executed. In this case all list information will be retrieved again from the server. An admin user can clear the system cache by typing “” in the “filter navigator” field.

Issue 2: Total amount of records in list is showed, however the list with records is not displayed (see picture below)

You are lucky if you get this one to solve, as it is very easy to “fix” the issue. 😉
In fact the user has hided the list themselves here by clicking on the hide/unhide option on the right.

If you click on the + again the list will expand and you will see the records again. Indeed, sometimes it is so easy like this, however as customers are logging this “issue” on regular base it is worth mentioning here.

Issue 3: There a no records visible in the list and there is a “Security constraints” message.
Please have a look at the situation in the picture below:

As there is a “Security constraints” message most people directly think that one of their ACLs are preventing them to see the results in the list. Well, that’s correct for only 19 records as these were removed from the list due to these ACLs. But if you take a closer look at this you will see that in this example there were more results: 80. So the other 61 records should be visible somewhere?

You can easily make them visible by going to the next page(s) by clicking on the blue triangle icons in the lower right. Sometimes changing the order of a column in your list works as well. Ok, not a very difficult issue, however I bet you are not the first person who is verifying their ACL rules for this situation.

Hopefully one of my examples will be helpful for you. Please leave a comment if you have any question!

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  1. Richard Says:

    In the 3rd case, it will often be useful to provide a “before query” business rule that can filter out completely the records that the user won’t be able to view due to the ACL.

  2. Nitin Agarwal Says:

    Hi Richard,

    Can you please share a brief snippet here of the BR you are talking about.


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