ServiceNow licensing: 7 things to keep in mind…

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ServiceNow is still one of the (if not THE) fastest growing software companies out there; really a phenomenal success!
And over the years the platform functionality and pricing changed of course – nothing you wouldn’t expect when dealing with a multinational company that is listed on the stock exchange (NYSE: NOW).

Tons of functionality in and on the platform were added or changed, new solutions and modules got introduced, acquisitions were made – and that is still the case today.
The introduction of new functionalities is sometimes also accompanied by new sales and/or license policies – and that is something worth paying attention to.

Below I’m sharing some hints and tips on this subject:

  1. When signing a new contract, pay close attention to Terms and Conditions. You need to (and want to) understand all conditions;
  2. Pay extra attention when renewing a contract; you want to make sure you don’t lose rights and entitlements you previously negotiated (a.k.a. “grandfathering”);
  3. Ask your ServiceNow sales representative if there are new or changed policies w.r.t. the use of roles in combination with entitlements/rights;
  4. Inform your technical/implementation consultants on changes and updates to policy; configuring functionality can have (big) impact on licenses;
  5. Be aware that activating certain plugins can have impact on roles and entitlements which impact license compliancy;
  6. Make sure you understand your entitlements and perform regular checks for license compliancy;
  7. Ask your ServiceNow sales representative if you are not sure what is allowed and within policy and what is not…;

The items mentioned above are in random order and all of equal importance.
But as a long ServiceNow partner (more than 10 years already!) we’ve learned to pay special attention to items 4 and 5 mentioned above.
These are often overlooked but are of major importance, so inform your customers and consultants on changes in policy, licensing and special terms & conditions and avoid awkward unwanted situations that require a lot of effort to correct.

And for this article the following certainly applies: when not sure, check with your ServiceNow sales representative!


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