The one thing that possibly annoys me the most on Servicenow is the fact that the ‘Show XML’ pop-up is automatically closed when it is no longer in focus. Actually, I am not sure when the window is closed because two hours of investigating on how Servicenow accomplishes this behaviour yielded no results. Chrome developer tools do not show any event listeners on this, window, document, body or any other element for that matter. Especially while developing you might want to keep the XML open to go back and forth between the record (and all data that might not be shown on the form itself) and what other page or program you have open. The first idea that comes to mind is editing the UI Action itself. But it comes as no surprise that there actually is no UI Action called ‘Show XML’ and inspecting the link from the context menu on the form shows that the href property for the div points to ‘xmlView(table, sysId)’. And in true Servicenow fashion, this is undocumented and inaccessible for editing.
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