The New NormalBlog your ServiceNow daily experiences!

Whether you are working with ServiceNow as a user, business manager, implementer, developer, process consultant, or reseller you have experiences that others can leverage.
The New Normal’ is an independent blog established for ServiceNow customers, partners and evangelists to share daily experiences and ideas.
Our goal is to provide a platform where those that work with the product set on a daily basis can voice their opinions and share their valuable experiences.

Since the inception of ServiceNow in 2004, the product and the community have grown tremendously.
This is a contribution to help support the growing user community and interest in ServiceNow.

The New Normal’ is an initiative of Fruition Partners as the first ServiceNow partner of continental Europe. The blog is endorsed by ServiceNow, however not directly affiliated with this company.

For additional information on ServiceNow, please visit the ServiceNow website or visit the ServiceNow Community.