Streaming your Service Management status

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About one month ago I arrived in Singapore

to add a new chapter to my ServiceNow story. So far I’ve been enjoying everything Singapore has to offer. The food is great, the people are friendly and the weather is excellent. One of the perks of this job is that I have the ability to experience a different culture. A few things stand out, but there is one thing in particular that has inspired me to write this blog.
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Exports from a Related List

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  • Can you send me an overview of all active incidents for our support group?
  • Please send me a list of all licensed users in our production instance
  • Can you move the newly created groups from development to production?

All these questions can be answered by simply exporting the contents of a list to the desired format and deliver it. The export functionality is always one mouse click away. The only area where I keep missing my expected target is on a related list. I would for example like to be able to:

  • export all the created change tasks of a change
  • export all the associated log entries with a discovery run
  • export all the members related to a group

Now, the obvious workaround is off course to go to the list of that referenced table and recreate the filter manually. The result of this filter can easily be exported from the system. This works perfectly fine, but as I tend to be a bit lazy sometimes it would be nice to have the export feature available on a related list 🙂

The functionality can be created relatively easy by making use of the out-of-the-box (OOTB) components in the Context Item module.

To start, locate the OOTB context item “XML” and use “Insert and Stay” to create a copy. You need to update the condition to make the entry appear in the context menu of a related list.
The condition should look like this: ListProperties.isRelatedList() && !ListProperties.isRefList()

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ServiceNow Security Tips

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securemanSecurity is always a topic of discussion during an implementation. guard

The specific requirements always differ per customer and are often – if not always – based on company policies and personal preference. ServiceNow offers a wide range of options to enhance data- and system access security on an environment. This blog focuses on some basic “good practice” approaches on creating and maintaining data security.

More information about overall security is outlined on the following WIKI-link:

Your best friends in configuring data security are ACL rules.

How they work and how they should be used is very well described on the ServiceNow Wiki-pages.
You can find more information about the configuration of these ACL on

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Enable use of variables in Change Task

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Having workflow variables on catalog tasks has been possible for a long time in Service-now, but this functionality has never been applied to change tasks.
With some “simple” adjustments you can modify the change task definition to enable variables on these types of tasks.
This gives you the flexibility of configuring and capturing a different information set on a per task basis.

You need to have a couple of components in place:

  1. A workflow activity variable to capture variables per change task in the workflow designer
  2. A script to link the variables to the change task when the workflow is triggered
  3. A field/formatter to enable the display of the variables on the change task
  4. …and last but not lease, the variable itself

How you tie all of the above components together will be explained in the below paragraphs.
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